Valtra A Series Tractor

Valtra A Series Tractor: The 5th Generation

75-135 HP

The small giant that saves the day

With the A Series you get a compact tractor that delivers big productivity and all day comfort. The cabin is ergonomic and quiet, and it gives you excellent visibility in all directions.

Get exactly the right tractor for your needs

All seven A Series models are available with easy-to-use GL mechanical transmission. Our popular 105 and 115 horsepower models are also available with HiTech4 four-step powershift transmission, which is controlled electronically. All A Series tractors come with Valtra’s renowned shuttle transmission including an integrated handbrake.

Valtra G Series Tractor

Valtra G Series Tractor

105-135 HP

Experience the new generation with the Valtra G Series tractor

The G Series is a full-featured multi-purpose tractor for your everyday farming needs. It has an advanced power lift and effective working hydraulics: in HiTech open centre, while Active and Versu offer a closed centre load sensing system. High hydraulic pump capacities (100/110 l/min) guarantee speed, ease of use and full-featured implement control.

The G Series is the perfect tractor for front loader with great visibility in all directions. Its new 6-speed Powershift gives the driver better work speed possibilities. The Versu model is integrated with Valtra Smart Farming features that are the perfect gateway to the world of precision farming.

Valtra N Series Tractor

Valtra N Series Tractor: The 5th generation

135-201 HP

No challenge is too big and no task is too small for our award-winning N Series tractor. If you are looking for the perfect combination of size, power and comfort, look no further.

The mighty yet compact Valtra N Series is the agile workhorse of the Valtra family, with ergonomics and comfort designed for easy and productive working with your tractor. All new LED daytime running lights increase safety in road use. A robust and reliable machine, the N Series is big where it matters.

The N Series shines on all fronts

When you need a machine to handle a variety of tasks, the N Series shines on all fronts. Smooth and agile movement, 365 visibility and a powerful 4-cylinder engine mean that any job can be handled with the optimal power, precision and fuel efficiency. And, with Smart Farming built in, you can rest assured your machine does most of the work for you.

Valtra T Series Tractor

Valtra T Series Tractor: The 5th generation

155-271 HP

When you need more from your tractor, the T Series is the ultimate precision tool with plenty of muscle. Perfect all-round visibility means that you have total control over your land from the comfort of your cab. And by letting technology work for you, you can rest assured knowing every aspect of your workday is handled down to a T.

Award-winning power and efficiency

Beauty, brains and brawn — the award-winning T Series tractor is a winner on all fronts, combining the power of smart technology with the strength of a 6-cylinder engine. Step into the cab and the best tractor experience is all around you with perfect 365 day and night visibility and plenty of space. The convenient A-pillar display puts information and control right where you need it. Valtra smart technologies give you all-encompassing control over your work.

The king on any terrain, the T Series gets going and moves smoothly while you reap the benefits. When you value power, precision and profit, the T Series is your working machine.

Valtra Q Series Tractor

Valtra Q Series Tractor: The All New Q

230-305 HP

The Q Series is a pleasure to work with and a driver’s dream. It offers the perfect combination of power, practicality, precision, and performance for enhanced efficiency and profitability. The Q Series is a Quality tractor with a capital Q. That’s why Q certified dealers are the only professionals qualified to serve your needs. They represent the best knowledge, service, and aftersales capabilities to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the Q Series’ favourable total cost of ownership and smart farming advantages.

When your business needs a machine with enough power to handle every task and utilise any implement, the Q Series’ 7.4-litre 6-cylinder engine and CVT transmission deliver the power you need when you need it. Consistent torque and high power delivery means you always have the output to get the job done.

Thinks like a Pro

Smart technology comes as standard and is seamlessly integrated into the driver’s cab and ergonomically placed for ultimate convenience and ease of use. Everything about the Q Series is intelligently designed to maximise visibility and all-day comfort. SmartTouch user profiles make switching between drivers and tasks quick and easy. Advanced telemetry allows easy and seamless fleet management and FMIS integration and ensures 101% uptime. Get more done and do it well with the Q Series.

Valtra S Series Tractor

Valtra s Series Tractor: Introducing the Boss

280-420 HP

Valtra’s flagship 6th generation S Series is designed and made in Finland. ‘The Boss’ is our most powerful tractor, designed for advanced tractor operators who appreciate craftmanship and demand responsive torque, efficiency, reliability, and low total cost of ownership. The new S Series comes with all the smart farming features expert farmers expect for enhanced autonomy and increased profitability. 

The S Series is made in Valtra’s brand home of Suolahti – one of the most sustainable tractor factories in the world. 100% of the factory’s electricity is generated renewably, and all of our extensive quality testing is carried out using renewable diesel. All 6th generation S Series models are now available with Valtra Unlimited options to improve profitability, productivity, and prestige. 

We believe the S Series is not only the best-looking tractor on the market but also the most practical in its class. The aggressively sloping bonnet gives the S Series a sleek modern look while also significantly improving front visibility and affording the S the best manoeuvrability of any high horsepower tractor. From the smooth lines of the sloping bonnet, to the beautifully sculpted rear of the working machine, the S Series’ design exudes determination and strong character – the hallmarks of any good Boss.

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